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Cabins for Rent

Map of Cabins Available

More Amenities = More Fun These Lake Vermilion cabins are often stocked with a variety of amenities to make your stay more enjoyable, including private swimming areas and docks, ample space, outdoor fire pits and grills, a full size kitchen, sauna’s, laundry facilities and more! Some even have multiple TV’s and air conditioning!

More Privacy = A More Peaceful Vacation Our Lake Vermilion rental cabins offer the comfort and privacy of a home so you can have a more relaxing, enjoyable vacation. With a vacation home, you can finally escape the noise, relax in your own private home and actually enjoy your precious vacation time!

Better Value = A Group Traveler’s Dream Our Lake Vermilion cabins are typically less expensive than a resort and are great for groups and families who would otherwise have to pay for multiple cabins. Whether you are having a family reunion, fishing trip, church retreat or business getaway we have the perfect cabin rental for you.

Property Management=Better Service Vermilion Cabins specializes in property management on Lake Vermilion and the surrounding area. Our skills and experience provide you a high quality vacation experience over other cabin rentals.