FAQ for Home Owners

Vermilion cabins makes renting out your vacation rental easy- based on our years of experience, we know what questions our home owners will ask. We try to be as clear and informative as possible so we’ve put together a list of the most asked questions we get!

What does Vermilion Cabins do for Vacation Rental Owners?

We can manage every aspect of getting your vacation rental reserved and ready for guests to enjoy. Our goal is to enable you to make the most revenue from your rental without having to do any of the busy work involved with managing it. We can do everything from taking photos, writing descriptions, and marketing it to potential guests as well as managing details like reservations, payments, check-in and check- out, housekeeping, light upkeep, and dealing with maintenance. We can also manage regular maintenance, improvements, and emergencies for additional fees. We make sure home owners can sleep well at night knowing their rental is being taken care of and generating the most revenue possible.

What do you charge for this service?

Vermilion Cabins provides full service management without cutting any corners for only 25% commission.  Try it for a year, let us prove our value to you and we’re sure you’ll continue but if you decide not to, there are no strings attached.

How easy is it to get started?

Getting started is easy and risk-free. We can start managing homes that are existing vacation rentals usually within a couple days. Our contract has no minimum term or volume commitments, or start-up fees. Management includes shooting new photos, putting together detailed listings, setting pricing, starting advertising on the main internet channels and beginning to take reservations – all in as little as a few days! This can take longer given a home owner’s schedule, or if a home is in the process of being converted from a residence or long-term rental. If you do not like the service at any point you can terminate without penalty.Can you help me convert to a vacation rental?

Yes, we will help in any way we can. Whether it is helping you secure a short-term license if necessary, to meeting movers, the cable company, etc. We can have a TurnKey rep help you quickly and smoothly get through the process.

What kind of contract do I need to sign?

We have a basic contract that needs to be signed. It is straight-forward and  includes a 30 day out clause for any reason – if you are not happy with the service you can leave with a month’s notice. Please contact us and we will be happy to send you our agreement for your review.

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of availability?

No.  However, in order to cover our costs in marketing, we would like the opportunity to book it at least 2 months out of the summer.  There is no problem with an owner, friends or family using a rental for weeks or even months at a time.  We work these details out with you.

What amenities do I need to provide?

Part of the rental price is based on the amenities your rental cabin has.  The more amenities, typically the more in rental fees you will get.  However, there is really no minimum about.  All rental cabins should provide, at a minimum equipped kitchen including utinsels, pots and pans, coffee pot, microwave, fridge, oven, etc.  We also ask that bedding be provide however we ask the guests to bring their own towels.  Other items such as washer/dryers, TV, Phone, internet, etc. are optional and we will go over all this with you.

How do you set pricing for my rental?

Pricing is very specific to the size of the home, the exact location, and to the quality of the finish-out. No pricing is ever set perfectly the first time – the key is to monitor and adjust pricing up or down based on actual market demand.   It is an ongoing process that is always a top priority. The more money our owners make, the more we make – so we try and do everything we can to maximize the revenue.

How do you advertise my rental and do I need to pay for this?

We advertise anywhere we think guests are looking for rentals! At a minimum we advertise on VRBO and our own websites.  Depending on where your cabin is located, we will also advertise on other local websites, associations or Chamber of Commerce.

What if I already have listed my home on those sites?

Many owners have already created listings. We may work with you to migrate them over to our managed account and we will go through them to professional rewrite the listing if necessary, to add or improve the photos and to configure the listing to synchronize the pricing and calendar across all of the many sites we plan on listing your rental.  We have special software that works with VRBO listings to provide better management over calendars, inquiries, etc.

Do I need to provide you with photographs and Video?

If you have them, great! If you don’t, we’ll handle it.  We will review what photos and videos you have on your vacation rental cabin and then if need be, we will have someone take additional photos and video.

How do guests pay you?

We accept credit cards, checks and cash.   Credit card companies do charge for their service, we deduct a typical fee of 2.5% for Visa/Mastercard from the gross rent to cover their fees.

How do we Communicate with Guests?

We have several ways for guests to communicate with us. First is our website and email, second we have people who respond to phone calls.

How do you deal with deposits?

We require a $500-$1000 deposit of any reservation to be paid at the time of booking, and 100% be paid two weeks prior to arrival.

When do I get paid for reservations?

We currently pay owners once a month.  We usually send out checks on the 10th of every month for the previous month’s rentals.

What if I already had bookings made on my property?

No problem, we will charge a reduced rate if you would like us to manage those guests (i.e. additional collections, customer service, check-ins, check-outs, scheduling cleaning, etc). We will work with you to get all the details we need and we will fully manage these bookings for you just like any booking we made. We may need to collect the cleaning fee from the owner as well as taxes to remit assuming those amounts have already been paid. If not, we can collect on any amounts outstanding as well.  If you wish to manage the guest, or your former property manager will do it on your behalf, we will block those bookings off in our calendar and no charges will apply.

What kind of reporting do I get on my home?

Along with your monthly check, you will get a report of what days the vacation home was rented and the fees collected for that rental and any additional expenses we may have incurred.  The monthly statement from us will include details on how much rental revenue you earned, includes details on how much tax we collected and will pay on your behalf, as well as any charges that you have incurred during the month (for example if you want it cleaned for your own stay, or if you had us install a new TV, etc.)

Do I have to handle paying any lodging taxes?

No, we collect the taxes and remit on your behalf. Each reservation has taxes added to the amount of the rental – so when you see a rental dollar amount, you can rest assured that we have collected and will remit tax on top of that – you do not need to send us extra money to pay taxes nor do you need to file with your lodging authority.

What about cleaning fees?

Guests pay us directly for cleaning fees, and we pay the cleaners. There is nothing you need to do to schedule them or pay for them. If you wish to have your home cleaned while you, a family member, or friend are using it, just let us know and we will clean it and bill you for it as part of your monthly statement.

Do I need to do my own laundry?

No, our cleaning fees cover laundry service for linens with every clean. Our cleaners will either do it on-site if time permits or bring it to a laundry facility as a back-up.

Do I need to provide all the amenities every time a guest stays like soap, paper towels, toilet paper?

No, you don’t need to worry about it.  We ask the guests to provide their own paper products and soaps.

What happens if there is an emergency? Who does the guest call?

The guest always calls us. The guest actually never knows the name of the owner for privacy reasons (unless you really want us to tell them). We take the call and manage the emergency. We pay the handyman and then put the bill onto your home owner statement taking out of the revenue owed to you during the month – that way you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for anything unless it happens to be a major repair. We charge $35/hour for any emergency call we must send someone on or any routine maintenance.

How do you deal with noisy guests? We have a strict policy of evicting them upon any sign of noise, partying, or over-occupancy. Parties do happen and we want people to enjoy themselves, however we do not tolerate abuse at the properties and contractually have heavy measures in place to evict and charge additional fees. If we receive complaints from your neighbors we reserve the right to not refund the guest’s deposit.  If the sheriffs are sent to the property for complaints, we automatically keep any deposits.  The financial penalty for rowdy behavior typically keeps guests in check.

Do owners have to allow pets?

No, that is up to each individual owner. In general we encourage it as homes simply get more demand if they allow pets, but we understand many owners do not want to allow them and that is fine. We do charge guests an additional non-refundable rent per stay for pets to ensure that an owner’s home is fully cleaned and any damage caused by the pet gets billed to the guest. We retain this fee to cover additional costs for cleaning.  We also have a special set of rules rentors must follow if they do bring pets.

What about regular maintenance?

Vermilion Cabins provides guest servicing and management, and property management to owners.  We can manage as much or as little at your home as you like. The commission fee we charge includes services for managing and accepting reservations as well as cleaning, check-in and check-out.  If there are additional items that need attention such as minor repairs, lawn service, additional cleaning, emergency visits, etc. we do charge additional for that.

What about garbage collection? Who handles this?

Stick with your regular provider – if guests are in the home on pick-up days we ask them to take out the trash. If no one is there, we can help arrange garbage service for you.

What if I want to stay there, how do I book for myself, friends or family?

You can just call us and we will book the unit for you, or you can view your availability and book online through our Owner Net portal. There is obviously no charge for this and we even schedule cleaning when you leave so it is ready for the next guest. We bill you on your owner,