About Us

Vermilion Cabins Rental Property Management

Join a Winning Team — Let Vermilion Cabins manage your rental property and reserve one of our rental cabins for an unforgettable vacation!

We specialize in service–both to the property owner and the guests staying at our rentals.  We have managed vacation rentals on Lake Vermilion for many years now and we are affiliated with Vermilion Land.  All of our agents are real estate agents, thus we have the experience, qualifications and desire to provide you with the best service in area.

If you own a property on Lake Vermilion or the surrounding area and would like to earn some rental income, you could not have chosen a better place or time! The market for vacation rental houses  is booming, with many of the properties we manage earning a lot of extra income for their owners.

In other words, it’s a great time to let Vermilion Cabins manage your cabin rental.

Blaine Olson, Owner and Founder

My name is Blaine Olson and I’m the founder of Vermilion Cabins, one of the fastest-growing vacation rental management companies in our area.  I am affiliated with Vermilion Land and my goal is to provide both property owners and renters with a qualified and experienced service in the vacation rental market.  If you own property and are interested in renting it out for extra income, please contact me.  If you do not currently own property but are interested in purchasing some, please contact me as well.  I am here to help you have a winning experience in the vacation rental business whether you are a property owner or one of our guests.