FAQ about our Cabins The damage/reservation deposit is collected separate from the rental fee to hold the cabin for you. It is non-refundable unless you cancel your reservation within 60 days of arrival and will be returned to you within one week of departure. It is also used to pay for any damage that occurred during your stay up and beyond normal wear and tear.

What supplies are at the cabins? All cabins include all cooking utensils and bedding. We try to stock other basic supplies such as tolite paper, dish soap, paper towel, garbage bags but we do not guarantee they will be at the cabin. If you plan to do lots of swimming, it is recommended that you bring extra beach towels. You should also plan on bringing soap for personal care such as shampoo and body soap.

What is the pet policy?

We do not encourage pets staying at the cabins, however, if you feel you must bring your pet, we will charge an extra rental fee of $250 per pet. We also require that you clean up any pet droppings and keep your pet in a kennel or on a leash outside as much as possible.

Do you rent boats?

We can arrange boat rental for you. Our rates are very comparable to the other boat rentals on the lake. You can rental canoes, kayaks, small fishing boats all the way up. You can view rates by click HERE.